Cosmos Technologies upgrades Polaris data warehouse toolkit

Source: Cosmos Technologies

Cosmos Technologies, the product development arm of Indus Valley Partners, today launched a new and improved Cosmos Polaris 2.0, a comprehensive data warehouse toolkit designed to deliver on mission critical middle office functions in a complex multi-Strategy, multi-Counterparty, multi-Asset environment.

Polaris enables the buy-side to manage a host of middle office functions and complex business scenarios on a single, integrated platform. It provides a flexible foundation to fill the gaps in a fund's existing infrastructure by providing a suite of pre-built business applications/reports out-of-the-box.

The newer version has a brand new module on P&L analytics. The P&L analytics module analyzes P&L movements, automatically attributing P&L across multiple dimensions like Price/FX, Realized/Unrealized, by Analyst, by strategy/sub strategy or any other desired dimension. The ability to support time series, now available, offers an entirely new level of insight into P&L performance, giving the user the ability to monitor and analyze P&L exposure and performance on both an absolute and relative basis. The P&L return can then be benchmarked against a number of key market indices such as the S&P 500 or MSCI indices configurable by the end-user, to show relative performance. There are also additional pre-built scorecards that allow users to compare/analyze fund performance on various dimensions.

The additional modules covering Compliance, Financing and Risk Management have all been significantly improved via enablement of visualization and adding support for new portfolio accounting and risk systems. Polaris has also been integrated with the Cosmos P&L Monitor (for real time intraday P&L that is SAPI compliant) as well as Cosmos Recon and Cosmos Security Master.

Polaris 2.0 also has an interactive visualization layer which enables the user to view data and reports at multiple levels of detail for example at Fund, Strategy, Asset Class, or individual Position level. Utilizing filters and 'drag-and-drop' functionality, users can build custom views themselves, eliminating the need for specific programming expertise.

Cosmos Polaris 2.0 is now available either as an annual subscription or as a one t time modular license with source code. Clients can choose to buy only those business functionality modules that they need to meet their specific business requirements

Polaris 2.0 is backed by the "gold standard" support model that guarantees a minimum desired Service Level Agreement in responding to support requests as well as a transparent ability for a client to monitor the same via monthly reports or an online portal.

Multiple U.S. and U.K. based hedge funds, with more than $36 billion in combined AUM, have already gone live on Cosmos Polaris.

Said Gurvinder Singh, IVP CEO: "We continue to believe the datawarehousing needs of the hedge fund community are best served via a customized solution supporting the unique source of fund's alpha. We have pioneered a model with Polaris where the fund gets a running start on the warehouse they need by licensing the base Polaris and thereafter leveraging our very cost effective consulting offering to customize it as per their needs. The final result being that the fund is able to leverage the appropriate modules in Polaris (Analytics, Compliance, Risk or Financing) to gain the operational efficiencies they need, eliminate manual processes and manage day-to-day risk in a much tighter manner. This allows any funds on Polaris platform to face any internal or external regulatory audit with confidence."

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