Marketware unveils iPad apps

Source: Marketware

Marketware International (MWI), a leading company providing business and technology solutions for web-based trading has today announced that it is in the process of completing several applications for individual investors modeled after its award winning webBroker product and a new Advisor mobile application that will natively run on Apple's popular iPad.

Marketware is redesigning webBroker to create a new webBrokerMobile app that is to be offered on the iPAD and, will extend the functionality of webBroker iN-Touch for an iPhone version. Both webBrokerMobile for the iPad and webBroker iN-Touch for the iPhone will allow users of Marketware's clients to view real-time stock quotes, trade stocks, view portfolios and accounts, and view streaming news. webBrokerMobile is to also include embedded video for market news and content. Live video feeds will also be used to enhance the communications between users and financial institutions.

"Apple's iPAD and iPhones have been tremendously successful. Marketware is focused on providing a secure, multi lingual, fully customizable mobile solution for financial institutions that are looking to empower their customers and advisors with mobile access to real-time account information and markets. In 1997, we launched webBroker today, we are excited by the new possibilities of our solution on the iPAd and iPhone" said Jose Pierre, President, Marketware International.


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