SunGard expands Valdi Market Access to incorporate fixed income trading with EuroTLX

Source: SunGard

SunGard has extended its Valdi Market Access offering to provide financial firms with an ASP-based connectivity service to EuroTLX, an Italian-based European Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) that specializes in fixed income trading.

The new service will be fully integrated with Valdi's hosted smart order routing technology as well as ASP market access services to other fixed income venues, including Borsa Italiana's MOT and Hi-MTF. With the service, SunGard's Valdi Liquidity Solutions suite can help customers to better comply with best execution principles for fixed income trading - as it already does for European equities - making it a true multi-asset class offering.

Angela Fenwick, chief executive officer at EuroTLX, commented: "The development of smart order routing solutions in the fixed income arena, and their inclusion in the best execution policies of the majority of Italian banks, has allowed EuroTLX to become the principal trading venue in Europe for fixed income instruments targeted to non-professional investors. SunGard's Valdi Market Access offering will help facilitate greater access to our marketplace and consequently should help us grow our business."

Yassine Brahim, president of SunGard's global trading business, commented: "Post-credit crisis, there is increasing interest in fixed income trading in Europe. Trading firms now require greater access to fixed income marketplaces and multi-asset solutions. One of the key challenges in capturing liquidity is to determine which liquidity pools to trade on. SunGard's Valdi Market Access is an efficient and cost-effective solution that helps trading firms with connectivity and smart order routing to new trading venues, including fixed income MTFs."

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