Pink OTC Markets introduces real-time market data suite

Source: Pink OTC Markets

Pink OTC Markets Inc. (OTCQX: PINK), which operates the OTCQX, OTCQB and Pink Sheets marketplaces for registered broker-dealers to efficiently trade unlisted stocks, today announces its introduction of Real-Time+, a suite of real-time market data products.

Real-Time+ features the new Real-Time Reference Price product which is available at no cost to leading financial website operators and market data terminal providers to give their users a baseline reference price in real-time. Real-Time+ offers valuable pricing data for all investors - from the casual investor to the professional trader - and it's all real-time.

Real-Time+ was created in response to the tremendous growth in the OTC market. Today there are 9,400 OTC quoted securities, a 24% increase since 2003. In 2009, dollar volume reached $108 billion and the total market capitalization of securities quoted on Pink OTC's systems was over $700 billion. Quote updates have increased tremendously by 230% year over year.

Pink OTC Markets is now the third largest U.S. market by dollar value traded. Many high quality companies, including large-cap multi-nationals such as Deutsche Telekom AG, AXA, and Roche Holding Ltd, have chosen to list on Pink OTC's quality-controlled OTCQX marketplace. Better quality companies as well as increased information disclosure and price transparency are key factors driving the rise in OTC trading activity.

"Traditional stock exchanges make 15 minute delayed market data available to investors at no cost. Fifteen minutes is too long in today's internet enabled world, so we're introducing market price data that's real-time, all the time, to fit the fast pace of the electronic OTC markets we operate," says R. Cromwell Coulson, President and CEO of Pink OTC Markets Inc.

"Delayed price data is no longer acceptable for investors. They expect the most current OTC market prices when making critical trading and investment decisions. Real-Time+ will provide investors with access to real-time prices for all OTCQX, OTCQB and Pink Sheet securities," Coulson added.

Real-Time+ offers three product lines to fit the diverse needs of all OTC market participants. Real-Time Reference Price is offered to financial websiial website operators and market data terminal providers to give their users a baseline reference price in real-time. It is available at no cost and with no per user licensing to distributors of Pink OTC's premium market data products. Level 1+ enhances the typical Best Bid & Ask (BBO) data with Bid, Ask and Aggregate Size for all price levels in real-time. Level 2+ continues to be the premier market data product for OTC professionals and sophisticated investors. Both Level 1+ and Level 2+ offer real-time Pink Link® time and sales. All Real-Time+ products will be offered via multi-cast architecture, which is more reliable and will reduce bandwidth requirements for consumers of OTC market data. Real-time+ offers faster prices, more data and a more reliable platform with no increase in real-time licensing fees.

Coulson will officially introduce Real-Time+ to the market data community on June 24th at the Software and Information Industry's Financial Information Services Division (SIIA/FISD) General Meeting, hosted by Thomson Reuters in New York.

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