Linedata makes investor accounting platform changes

Source: Linedata

Linedata (LIN:FP), the global solutions provider dedicated to the investment management and credit industry, today announced that it has integrated a Partnership Allocation module and a revolutionary graphical interface into the Linedata Mshare solution.

Linedata Mshare is a scalable investor accounting platform supporting third-party administrators as well as traditional and alternative funds that use software for in-house administration, with about 750,000 user accounts worldwide.

"Firms that have two separate systems for shareholder accounting and partnership allocations can reduce costs and operational risk by consolidating onto Linedata Mshare," said Peter Muldoon, Executive Vice President for Linedata Services' mutual and hedge fund back-office products in North America. "This new innovation in investor accounting also makes obsolete the need for ongoing proving and reconciliation associated with maintaining investor information in multiple spreadsheets."

Linedata Mshare now integrates partnership accounting functionality making it a true investor accounting solution. Combined with the new graphical interface, which makes it easier to build relationships in the system, the new version of Linedata Mshare makes users more productive, reduces risk while significantly reducing their costs.

Linedata Mshare's innovative data visualization technology allows users to build fund structures using a unique graphical interface. This interface lets users plot the relationship between different entities on screen in a format similar to a flow chart, while Linedata Mshare automatically creates the mathematical relationships behind the scenes. This approach significantly reduces risk for firms supporting complex investor relationships.

This new functionality is the latest in a series of user-interface innovations by Linedata. Linedata was the first to integrate Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation ("WPF") into the Linedata LongView platform in 2007, pioneering intuitive data visualization for buy-side trading, and it recently updated that product with touchscreen functionality in April 2010.

"Linedata was the first in this space to migrate products in its front-to-back solution to WPF. This has given our developers the ability to build intuitive user interfaces that are miles ahead of anything else in the market," said Gavin Little-Gill, head of global asset management product strategy for Linedata. "In the front-office, this new technology has allowed us to provide touchscreen functionality, data visualization and views to traders and portfolio managers that nobody else can provide. In the back office, with Linedata Mshare, we have created a brand new way of building fund structures that provides an intuitive, time-saving interface for users."

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