UK P2P lender Yes-secure launches

Source: Yes-secure, UK's first truly social networking lending and borrowing website designed specifically for consumers to connect with each other to lend and borrow money directly between themselves bypassing the banks, was launched successfully today.

The unique feature of the web marketplace is that it allows people to create their social network in a similar way to Facebook and LinkedIn. The social network begins with members making connections by inviting their friends, family, and colleagues to join their YES-secure social network with a prime focus of performing financial transactional activities of lending and borrowing money between each other and/or to other YES-secure creditworthy checked members. YES-secure members' social networks grow as they invite the lenders and borrowers with whom they are transacting to join their groups, blogs and connections. A prime reason for creating these connections is to get better rates for borrowing and higher returns from lending by cutting out banks, finance companies and pay-day lenders out of the game for unsecured personal loans!

Just as people bid on items in a public auction website, such as eBay, in YES-secure, lenders place bids on member loan listings through the online auction platform provided by Limited. Its state-of-the-art user experience facilitates people to invest, grow and track their lending and borrowing online accounts from the comfort of their home. To handle money in a safe and secure manner, YES-secure uses the same safety measures which banks use such as credit checks of lenders and borrowers, and a few more! YES-secure introduces a "Reliability Score" which works simply on the fact that the more reliable and credit worthy connections you have on your social network, the higher your reliability score becomes.

The YES-secure members become lenders and/or borrowers through a friendly, organized, and profit generating social network. "This is the first social network of its kind, where apart from making social connections for online communication and dialogue, people are actually transacting financially between themselves as they normally do face to face while going about their everyday lives. The UK currently only has Zopa as a P2P lending and borrowing website and there is room for many more players!" said Dr. Chandra Patni, Director of Limited.

Dr. Chandra Patni, goes on to say, "Our peer-to-peer social networking lending and borrowing web marketplace provides a unique opportunity to secure unsecured loans on low interest rates well below those of your local banks. It connects borrowers with lenders through our auction-like process in which the lenders who are willing to provide the lowest interest rates "win" the borrower's loan request. Borrowers get low cost loans that are lower than market rates offered by winning lenders- a win-win situation for both lenders and borrowers! Limited makes its revenue by charging a small arrangement fee of £80 to the borrower and by taking 0.9% APR from the lender"

Gartner has recently commented that P2P lending will soar to $5 billion (£3.3 billion) of loans by 2013. This observation draws attention to the future potential and trend of peer-to-peer lending.

The YES-secure P2P lending marketplace model allows lenders to create the desired borrower profile in terms of credit worthiness, interest rates and fixed periods for lending. The borrowers pay interest to real people instead of adding to the coffers of a financial institution such as a bank. Limited, a UK private limited company, has entered the P2P lending market to provide concrete benefits to both lenders and borrowers and a healthy competition to the existing social lending websites. It has incorporated a number of unique features in its processes to accelerate healthy financial social networking amongst its members. The fact that it considers loan requests from all credit grades should also go a long way in creating a financial social networking phenomenon. The Limited fees to lenders and borrowers is a third less than Zopa their closest competitor which is bound to strike a happy chord with the public.

Pricing and Availability
The membership registration for lenders as well as borrowers is available absolutely free of cost. The borrowers are charged a nominal amount (£80) as a one-time loan arrangement fee and the lenders pay 0.9% APR of their lending amount.

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