RTS offers options trading on IPE

Source: Realtime Systems Group

RTS Realtime Systems Group today announces that it is fully conformed for the options contracts on the International Petroleum Exchange (IPE), Europe's leading energy exchange.

RTS is now conformant for Brent and Gas Oil Options as well as all other IPE contracts on API 11.100. The IPE will make available electronically traded Brent and Gasoil options from Friday 25 February 2005. These options contracts will initially be made available for electronic trading in parallel with the open outcry trading and during the same trading hours; the Exchange proposes to transfer exclusively to screen trading once it is satisfied that members are fully familiar with the operation of the options functionality on IPE's Interchange trading platform.

The RTD Realtime Trading Desktop, RTS's superior trading front-end, combines the best attributes of electronic trading based on a premium Options Trading Platform with full functionality. This includes the RTD Quote Machine®, the RTD Electronic Eye® and the RTD AutoHedger that offers traders the most flexible way of options trading.

Richard Ward, CEO, IPE says "We are pleased that RTS will be a part of the launch of traded options on our electronic platform and are delighted to have a key options trading application as RTD conformant to IPE API 11.100. The availability of RTD's richness in options trading functionality and features will be of benefit to members who require advanced options trading techniques in a single application."

"We are seeing an ever growing interest in options and with the migration of Brent and Gas Oil traded options to the electronic platform; we believe our superior functionality will allow traders using RTD to gain an edge over their market rivals," says Christian Schild, head of global sales, RTS.

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