Euroclear and EMXCo team on cross-border fund processing

Source: Euroclear

Euroclear and EMXCo are putting in place the infrastructure to enable more than 200 UK fund distributors and hundreds of fund promoters representing 47,000 funds worldwide to access each other electronically, without any changes in operational procedures or new technology investments.

In September, the EMX Message System will be able to route orders from UK fund distributors to Euroclear Bank's FundSettle platform, providing seamless access to the most active fund promoters worldwide. As a result, UK fund distributors will be able to provide many new investment opportunities for their clients while continuing to use the existing EMX order-routing service. International fund promoters, in turn, will have an easy and automated channel to reach fund investors in the UK. This new development will ease the often complex and costly challenge to process cross-border fund transactions.

Distributors will have the choice to route their orders through the new service, and to direct their cross-border fund transaction orders to Euroclear Bank's FundSettle platform, and their domestic UK fund transaction orders to Euroclear UK & Ireland, for settlement and asset servicing. Through a single connection, UK fund distributors and cross-border promoters will be able to drastically increase their back-office efficiency, reach and flexibility, with no technology investment required. The EMX/FundSettle link will be FIX and ISO message-type neutral, as both will be compatible.

Andrew Butcher, Chief Operating Officer from Charles Stanley & Co Limited, said: "This is fantastic news for the UK funds industry. With this new link we can maximise our current relationship with EMXCo and access an extensive range of funds promoted by all of the leading international product providers. Euroclear Bank and EMXCo have shown that combining two automated elements of processing infrastructure can unlock real benefits for both UK distributors as well as foreign-based promoters."

Yannic Weber, Chief Executive Officer of EMXCo, said: "Our mission has always been to deliver a single automated processing platform that purges the fund industry of unnecessary costs and inefficiencies associated with disjointed, manual transaction processing. Very soon, a single EMX relationship will give our clients more choices than ever before, whether they are purely UK-fund focused or want access to the vast majority of domestic and cross-border fund markets in Europe through FundSettle. What better place to benefit from a scalable solution that automates the entire life cycle of a fund transaction, irrespective of jurisdiction, network provider and technology."

Jane Isaac, Head of Finance from Transact said: "The new FundSettle link launched by Euroclear and EMXCo will enable us to offer our clients straight through processing to a wider range of funds. In addition, processing automation will allow us to manage an increased number of trades over a shorter timescale, making it an efficient and cost effective service."

FundSettle already directs order flows to the EMX Message System from international distributors wanting access to UK fund promoters.

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