Microgen upgrades business process platform

Source: Microgen

High-performance software developer Microgen (London LSE: MCGN) today unveiled Microgen Aptitude Version 3.0, the latest version of its market-leading Business Process Platform (BPP).

Delivering a 30 percent increase in performance, over and above the previous version's market-leading performance, Microgen Aptitude Version 3.0 further extends its transaction processing capabilities, while delivering enhanced functionality in a single fully integrated product.

Microgen Aptitude Version 3.0 provides a platform for the future: it is based on an extended Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which enables applications to use both third party web services as well as high speed Microgen Aptitude services. Testament to this will be the release of three additional Microgen Aptitude modules later in 2010, which will provide further significant enhancements to both functionality and performance.

Companies need IT solutions today that enable them to react quickly to change; they need to build them quickly; get them right first time and be confident they can scale to cope with changing and ever increasing data volumes. This need is driven by dramatic market changes, external regulatory shifts, business innovations and the evolution of business models such as the bundling of services and products, in dynamic industries such as financial services and digital media. Today, these environments demand the processing and management of massive amounts of information, often across multiple geographies, business units and IT systems.

Microgen Aptitude Version 3.0 is a new class of technology solution with an unparalleled combination of very high levels of transaction volume processing and extensive BPMS functionality. It also incorporates:
• Collaborative application development capabilities that enable customers to respond faster to business change by providing a graphical interface that can be understood by both IT and business for modelling, designing, generating and deploying applications. This provides much-needed transparency across all areas of the business and creates what Forrester Research has termed Business Technologyter Ressiness Technologyter Research has termed Business Technology, where "every business activity is enabled by technology and every technology decision hinges on a business need."

• Full national-language capability with support for over 100 languages for both the underlying data and the application user interfaces. With this capability, developers write a form once, and then the form is displayed in the language that a user's browser employs, allowing the development of one application with many deployed users speaking different languages.

Other new features in Microgen Aptitude V3.0 include:
• An interface to Teradata's database - a very fast, highly parallel database which complements the performance of Microgen Aptitude Version 3.0
• Unique internal architecture ensuring even the largest messages can be processed as more organisations adopt XML as a means of providing a common public standard for their messages, e.g. FixML and DDEX
• Conformity to market standards such as BPEL, BPMN, XPDL and SAP Netweaver, ensuring that Microgen Aptitude Version 3.0 can work with other products and protects the users investment

There are a number of related and overlapping product categories used by analysts today. These include Business Process Management Suites (BPMS), Composite Application Builders (CAB), Integrated Composition Environments (ICE), Comprehensive Integration Solutions (CIS) and Business Rules Engines (BRE). Microgen Aptitude Version 3.0 is the only fully integrated product that fits easily into all these categories, therefore allowing our customers to purchase just one product that rapidly builds applications, which support high levels of agility and performance.

"Although many organisations feel more confident than they have done over the past two years, they are also acutely aware that to capitalize on growth opportunities they need more robust and agile business processes in order to be competitive in the future," said Microgen Chief Technology Officer Neil Thomson. "In parallel, some industries are experiencing dynamic changes, driven by market or regulatory events, resulting in geometric growth in transaction processing volumes. Historically there has had to be a compromise between transaction processing performance and functionality, a dilemma now resolved by Microgen Aptitude Version 3.0"

Microgen has developed Microgen Aptitude Version 3.0 as a comprehensive Business Process Platform that also underpins the internal development of Microgen's sector-focused applications, including:
• Microgen Accounting Hub (for financial organizations)
• Digital Media Contracts and Rights Management
• Royalty Calculations
• Energy Pricing and Contracts Management
• Independent Valuation and Risk (IVR)
• Custom Logistics
• Billing and Reconciliation

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