Exponential-e slashes latency

Source: Exponential-e

Exponential-e, the City of London-based, next-generation-network provider, has once again cut the time it takes to send and receive trades on its key financial routes.

The company has slashed its roundtrip latencies to key financial trading locations and matching engines in London, New York, Chicago, New Jersey and Frankfurt. With liquidity fragmenting between multiple locations, Exponential-e's network connects the major financial trading venues worldwide using advanced optics and the fastest possible network routes between venues.

As a result of today's announcement, Exponential-e's latency matrix, with respect to these new routes, is as follows:-

                  Chicago           New York              London         Frankfurt
Chicago        <1ms              17.1ms                 84.9ms               94.6ms
New York       17.1ms          <1ms                   67.8ms                77.5ms
London          84.9ms         67.8ms                 <1ms                    9.7ms
Frankfurt       94.6ms          77.5ms                 9.7ms                 <1ms

Lee Wade, Managing Director of Exponential-e, said "Our express route between London and Frankfurt is now 9.7ms roundtrip from its previous, already very quick, 10.4ms. Round trip speeds between London and New York have reduced to an incredible 67.8ms and between Chicago and New York to 17.1ms". He went on to say "These phenomenal speeds support trading between 8 currency pairs. 28 City of London network nodes and 21 datacentres ensure we deliver our clients directly to the matching engine no matter where they reside".

Exponential-e's financial network is optimised for high-frequency trading. It connects directly into key Exchanges, ECNs, Brokers and trading platforms and makes crucial market connectivity - a simple cross-connect away. The service includes a "multicast" feature which broadcasts financial trading data to servers and matching engines simultaneously and eliminates unnecessary delay in transmission times.

Exponential-e provides access to a series of high-demand asset classes, instruments and venues. Multiple feeds are directly delivered into black box architecture at wire-speed.

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