IP Commerce updates platform and developer API

Source: IP Commerce

Today, IP Commerce, the industry leader in multi-service, multi-channel open API platforms, is announcing an update to its Managed Commerce Services Platform and developer APIs.

These updates address the features required by developers to innovate on behalf of, and in partnership with, all participants in the payments industry and are based on more than thirty iterations of their APIs and five years of experience working directly with the payments developer community. The Platform update also includes the addition of the Commerce Service Bus, offering unprecedented access to Platform capabilities facilitating the development and deployment of "snap in business solutions" known as Commerce Modules and ensuring the availability of Value-Added Services required by the market with the result of driving positive network effects for all participants.

"Not everyone who wants to or can do an open API or integration Lab will succeed." said Alfred 'Chip' Kahn IV, CEO, IP Commerce. "Developers don't have unlimited time or resources and will not create applications on every platform. IP Commerce has the experience, people and process in addition to the technology to make sure our partners succeed and are first to market with clear and endurable advantages. And efficient integrations to payment services are only a portion of the equation when providing commerce APIs. Ensuring the development community is enabled throughout their commercialization process is paramount and why we are excited to announce these enhancements to our platform."

The Commerce Service Bus, a core component of the IP Commerce Platform, supports dynamic and flexible Commerce Business Rules, provides additional Value-Added Services to developer workflows, and extends the Federated Identity governance inherent in the Platform. The exposure of this component and features within allow for the creation of new and innovative workflows by developers.

Leveraging the Commerce Service Bus and Federated Identity capabilities of the IP Commerce Platform, software companies are building Commerce Modules. These innovative snap-in business solutions are complemented with data, processes and workflows designed to meet developer's needs. Software Companies with unique solutions can deliver their products and services as Commerce Modules available to the entire community of developers leveraging the IP Commerce Platform and developer APIs. These Commerce Modules are certified through the Commerce Module Logo Program demonstrating their adherence to best practices including appropriate implementation of Federated Identity and payment security (i.e. PCI-DSS).

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