Volante receives Swift certification

Source: Volante Technologies

Volante Technologies announced today that Volante Designer for Swift has once again received early certification for the 2010 gold label in SwiftReady Messaging Data Services (MDS).

"With 100 percent accuracy in SWIFT message validations and MT-MX transformation, Volante Designer has again sailed smoothly through the MDS certification process. As always, Volante Designer stands out as a comprehensive messaging data solution for handling SWIFT messages," said Eric Meirlaen, Business Analyst at SWIFT. "Enabling integrations that capture and conserve the metadata of SWIFT messages and their destinations, Volante support rapid development in any type of architecture, whether legacy, proprietary or SOAs."

SWIFT criteria for the SWIFTReady Messaging Data Services (MDS) Label include comprehensive support for SWIFTStandards, such as validation against syntactical and semantic rules, transformation of the messages between different formats (MX, MT), support for various SWIFT directories and deployment of run-time libraries in various modes including SOA environments that can be used by financial applications.

The Messaging Data Service maps data coming from business applications into messages or files that are ready to be supplied to any financial counterparty through SWIFT interfaces. Reversely, it parses message payloads transferred from SWIFT, and transforms them into formats supported by back-office applications.

"Volante is first again to be certified for the SWIFTReady MDS label, and we take pride in this. It demonstrates to our customers and partners the robustness of our technology, as well our ability to turn SWIFT annual certifications around quickly for their benefit," said Vijay Oddiraju, CEO of Volante. "Our customers can literally build complex integrations in hours, and well in advance of SWIFT's November deadline for deployment of the new standards. This is why Volante is the integration technology of choice for financial institutions, utilities and vendors seeking the simplest, fastest and most cost-effective approach for financial messaging challenges."

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