Sophis upgrades Risque

Source: Sophis

Sophis, a leading provider of cross-asset, front-to-back portfolio and risk management solutions, today announced the release of Sophis Risque 6.1, its trading and risk management solution for investment banks.

This latest version includes new modules and key advancements in several areas:

Clause Builder
A new screen within the application where users can construct pay-offs by combining clauses. The process requires no additional coding making it quicker, easier and more secure to define structured products. A large selection of pre-configured arithmetic formulae and standard pay-off clauses are available with the solution.

Security Finance / Delta One
This new release sees an improvement in the asset classes supported by RISQUE particularly for security finance/ Delta One activities: CFDs, basket swaps and stock loans.

Fixed income / interest rate derivatives
A SABR volatility model has been integrated into RISQUE for pricing interest rate derivatives. A wide range of new instruments can be priced and managed out-of-the-box such as CME cleared swaps, callable range accrual notes, callable capped floaters and Brazilian inflation bonds.

Counterparty risk

RISQUE 6.1 incorporates a powerful dynamic risk reporting tool including the ability to calculate Potential Future Exposure (PFE). This provides risk managers with a clear view of their current and potential future exposure to different counterparties.

Stress testing toolbox

A complete stress testing toolbox enables users to run industrial strength stress tests across their entire portfolio.

iReporting is a fully integrated client reporting application, designed to meet high volume, industrialised reporting processes, as well as ad hoc report requirements. It provides a powerful and flexible data visualisation tool along with a large set of pre-canned reports. Functionality includes analytics consolidation, results storage and drill down capabilities.

Samer Ballouk, Head of Product Management and Business Development at Sophis commented: "We are continually allocating more time and investment into improving the RISQUE platform for investment banks and this latest version is no exception. New advancements in security finance, structured products, stress testing, counterparty risk and reporting are all direct responses to our clients' needs."

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