ClusterSeven integrates with Easa Software

Source: ClusterSeven

ClusterSeven, an international provider of strategic spreadsheet and data management software for financial institutions and Fortune 500 financial reporting divisions, announced a strategic partnership with Easa Software, a provider of web-enablement technology

The combination of ClusterSeven and EASA offers a single integrated solution to ensure the security, confidentiality and integrity of spreadsheets during the operations of a distributed community of end users, such as a sales force. Businesses can also ensure that all users are working with the latest published version, while safeguarding the intellectual property invested in spreadsheets.

ClusterSeven discovers and assesses the spreadsheet risk associated with any key business process and tracks changes against the original spreadsheets as they evolve. EASA enables the user to determine which parts of the spreadsheet are exposed to end-users and publishes the visible areas to an Internet site, where the spreadsheet data is accessed via a browser. Since the spreadsheet is never on a user's desktop, the underlying data cannot be altered or stolen. All user sessions are recorded, providing a historical record that may be critical for client-facing regulatory compliance.

"Distributed communities such as sales forces or call centers must rapidly respond to complex pricing requests, generating major challenges in ensuring the complete control and security of spreadsheets," said Ralph Baxter, CEO of ClusterSeven. "The ClusterSeven/EASA integrated solution simplifies the management of spreadsheets through automation. It protects business-critical spreadsheets from fraud, error and data leakage."

"The integration of ClusterSeven and EASA is valuable to users because it combines the protection and delivery of spreadsheet data into one automated solution," said Seb Dewhurst, CEO of EASA. "This means users spend less time worrying about data integrity and whether or not they have the latest version of a spreadsheet."

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