Omega unveils matching engine

Source: Omega

Omega ATS has introduced a next-generation matching engine called ThymeX that offers order execution in micro-seconds.

The resulting performance boost makes Omega one of the lowest latency trading venues in Canada. Developed, maintained and hosted entirely in Canada, ThymeX delivers advanced architecture, compressed market data feeds and flexible connectivity options including a streamlined direct API for sophisticated electronic trading. Additionally, Omega has upgraded all of the physical hardware and technology that supports the matching engine.

"Speed, reliability and price are key to the success of any ATS," said Eric Stoop, Chairman, Omega ATS. "Omega has been known as the smallest ATS in Canada but our daily transaction and share volumes recently put us ahead of some of our closest competitors. We've already been offering the most aggressive pricing structure, and by combining that with a matching engine that delivers industry-leading performance, reliability and features, Omega is positioned to leave the competition behind."

Kevin O'Connor, Vice President at Credit Suisse said, "We are always excited when our trading partners offer solutions that reduce latencies and trading costs. There is no doubt that our clients will continue to benefit from Omega's alternative pricing model and the improved performance of their new faster ThymeX matching engine."

ThymeX is the next-generation matching engine powering Omega ATS. With mean round trip ack time for orders measured in micro-seconds, ThymeX has vaulted Omega to the top tier of performance and features with some of the lowest latencies in the Canadian market. In addition to performance, ThymeX delivers the essential scalability and reliability for the contemporary market, and stands apart with full multicast capabilities, compressed market data feeds, and a streamlined API for practitioners of sophisticated electronic trading.

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