Hancock Bank offers Web customers Trusteer security

Source: Trusteer

Trusteer, the leading provider of secure browsing services, announced today that Hancock Bank, one of America's strongest, safest banks for more than 20 consecutive years, has partnered with Trusteer to offer the Rapport web browser security service to its e-Banking consumer, business, and commercial customers.

Rapport protects sensitive data, such as account credentials, by locking down the browser and creating a tunnel for safe communication between a customer's machine and Hancock Bank's web site.

Hancock Bank was founded in 1899 and has weathered 22 recessions, including the Great Depression, and numerous other disasters, both natural and man-made. With current assets of approximately $8.6 billion and operations in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida, Hancock Bank evolved into a premier regional financial services leader.

"Throughout our 110 year history, Hancock Bank has prided itself on being one of America's safest banks and we are committed to maintaining that track record with our e-Banking services," said Jeff Theiler, senior vice president and payment services director for Hancock Bank. "Faced with the growing threat of malware that is designed to evade anti-virus products and steal login credentials, we wanted to offer our customers the best protection available to secure their e-Banking sessions. Trusteer Rapport met all our needs, it is fast and easy to deploy, locks down the browser, and makes our strong authentication system even more secure."

Hancock Bank selected Trusteer to address the only weak link in its e-Banking infrastructure - the customer's computer. By prompting customers to download the light-weight Rapport web browser security software when they visit the e-Banking page, Hancock Bank is providing an additional layer of defense against malware that specifically targets online banking sessions. Rapport is integrated with Hancock Bank's internal security and fraud detection systems, and supported by Trusteer's 24/7 cloud-based fraud monitoring and analysis service. This real-time information is used to update Rapport web browser security systems worldwide with new protection mechanisms and provides Hancock Bank with actionable intelligence about attacks targeting its customers and website.

"Hancock Bank has a hard earned reputation as one of America's most trusted financial institutions," said Rakesh Loonkar, president of Trusteer. "The Bank's decision to offer Rapport to its customers is another example of their commitment to protecting customers' assets and taking a proactive approach to electronic security. By using Rapport's built-in splash technology to generate a pop-up that prompts users to download the software, Hancock Bank is making every effort to drive adoption and protect their customers from malware attacks."

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