Alternet tech used for Ecuadorian m-cash project

Source: Alternet Systems

Alternet Systems Inc. announced today that its subsidiary, Utiba Americas, has entered into an agreement to provide mobile commerce platform services to Globalcash S.A. in Ecuador.

Utiba Americas is a joint venture between Alternet Systems and Utiba Pte Ltd, a leading global supplier of mobile financial transaction platforms for mobile operators and financial institutions. Utiba Americas is deploying a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform in the Americas and the Caribbean region, with a focus on mCommerce and mobile financial services including mobile remittances, micro finance and mobile banking. Globalcash S.A. is an Ecuadorian Company founded in 2010 with the principal objective of providing mobile money services to the unbanked population of Ecuador. Globalcash is working with government agencies that are chartered to reduce the poverty in the country.

Utiba Americas provides its customers access to the most robust and flexible mobile commerce platform, without incurring the upfront costs of acquiring licenses and hardware, and the ongoing expense of personnel to administer and monitor the platform. The Utiba platform has been deployed globally for ten years and currently supports 365 million subscribers and approximately 30% of the worlds' global mobile commerce traffic. In offering the Utiba platform as a hosted service, Utiba Americas is breaking the barriers to mobile commerce.

Alternet CEO Henryk Dabrowski commented on the agreement, saying, "We are excited to begin enabling mobile commerce in the Latin America region with this important first agreement with Globalcash in Ecuador. The Utiba Americas platform will enable a suite of services from money remittance, microfinance, bill payment, to mobile wallets and micropayment, to name only a few."

Justin Ho, Co-CEO of Utiba Pte Ltd, also commented, saying, "This first agreement represents an important first step for our affiliate, Utiba Americas. With Globalcash, we will revolutionize the mCommerce services in Ecuador, a country with tremendous potential. Utiba looks forward to contributing its more than ten years experience and success in deploying mobile commerce services in developing markets, to the development of the Ecuadorian mCommerce market, with Globalcash."

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