Bayport CU opts for Intuit's FinanceWorks for customer PFM

Source: Intuit

BayPort Credit Union is teaming with Intuit Financial Services (formerly Digital Insight) to offer FinanceWorks™, a new financial management solution that provides consumers a more complete and easy way to budget, gain control over their spending and save more during these tough economic times.

For many years BayPort has provided free financial counseling for its membership to assist with the control of their finances. With increases in membership and the number of members who use BayPort's online services, BayPort saw an opportunity to complement its on-going financial counseling services by adding a new component.

Powered by Quicken®, FinanceWorks helps consumers manage their information and accounts across more than 16,000 financial institutions and credit card sites, ensures bills are paid on time regardless of the method they use to pay them, see where their money is going, (including future transactions), and receive a variety of alerts about their financial status via e-mail. All this through one secure log-in to BayPort Credit Union's online banking website.

"BayPort's vision is to improve our members' financial well-being," stated George R. Dudley, Jr., President/CEO. "FinanceWorks has proven to serve members within our high standards of service by offering a simple and dynamic financial summary that allows them to start taking control of their finances."

BayPort has an ongoing commitment to seek out products and services that will better enable its members to most effectively manage their financial resources. FinanceWorks is an additional solution to BayPort's online services that provides members the online tools they need to make wise financial choices and make course corrections to better improve their financial lives.

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