IMS Research forecasts surge in NFC IC shipments

Source: IMS Research

A new report published by IMS Research entitled "NFC - World - 2010" forecasts that the number of NFC IC shipments will reach 785 million in 2015.

According to report analyst, Don Tait, "The NFC market has encountered a number of false dawns since its inception more than six years ago. But 2010 looks like the year when NFC will finally take-off. Some of the major problems which have blighted market development include a lack of available NFC handsets on the market; limited contactless terminals and infrastructure to support the technology; unclear business models and disagreements between the different stakeholders of the ecosystem."

Tait continues "It has taken a number of years to resolve some of the aforementioned problems and issues surrounding NFC. More significant deployments of NFC are projected to happen in 2011. The launch of NFC-enabled smartphones in 2010 and in 2011 will help the market to gain traction. Using an NFC-enabled phone for payment and ticketing & access are projected to be the main applications for the technology and this will boost market development over the next few years."

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