Collis test tools get MasterCard validation

Source: Collis

Collis announces today that MasterCard has qualified both the Collis Brand Test Tool and Collis Card Simulator as M-TIP Validation Tools.

Collis has implemented the MasterCard Terminal Integration Process (M-TIP) Subset in both the Collis Brand Test Tool and Collis Card Simulator. Both these test tools are used to test the behaviour of a terminal according to the payment scheme rules without the need of physical test cards. The M-TIP subset has been implemented in the Collis Test Tools following MasterCard's announcement to its customers that the current Terminal Integration Process (TIP) will be phased out and replaced by M-TIP for EMV contact chip terminal deployment. Using the M-TIP Subset will be mandatory from 1st of July 2010 for all MasterCard customers initiating a first time chip migration. Customers that have already started deploying chip will have until 1st of January 2011 to migrate to M-TIP.

The Collis Brand Test Tool and Collis Card Simulator can simulate any EMV card (contact & contactless) and can be used with MasterCard card applications such as M/Chip and also with other international Payment Systems. They can simulate errors (failures) to test the system's response to an error. As a result, interoperability issues can be detected before terminals are deployed in the field. These tools can be used with new ATMs equipped with anti-skimming mechanisms (please contact Collis for any compatibility questions). The Collis Brand Test Tool and Collis Card Simulator have both been qualified by MasterCard as Validation Tools for the formal M-TIP certification process. This means that the log files generated by the validation tools can be sent directly to MasterCard for M-TIP certification.

Christian Delporte, Head of Chip Engineering at MasterCard Worldwide commented:
"We are pleased that the tools offered by Collis, a recognized player in the chip testing market, enhanced their qualified TIP testing tool to support M-TIP requirements. This qualification broadens the offer of test tools available to MasterCard acquirers for use in the Terminal Integration Process ss (TIP). We are confident that MasterCard acquirers will directly benefit from this tool upgrade. MasterCard will inform its customers about qualified test tools via the MasterCard OnLineTM website."

Dirk Jan van den Heuvel, CEO Collis, adds: "Following MasterCard's announcement of the new M-TIP, Collis wasted no time in updating our test tools accordingly. This means customers already familiar with using the Collis Card Simulator and Collis Brand Test Tool can now use the updated versions with little or no disruption. By using these test tools it also gives new MasterCard customers initiating a first time chip migration the confidence that they are doing so with up-to-date and validated test tools. This quick implementation of M-TIP is part of Collis' ongoing commitment to its customers of providing high quality solutions."

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