Printec unveils ATM security camera offering

Source: Printec Group

Printec Group, the leader in transaction automation solutions, announces the design & development of a solution which enables Financial Organizations worldwide to capture and manage image and video data from multi-vendor ATM networks.

The ATM Security Camera Solution has already been implemented in Financial Organizations in South-eastern Europe.

In an environment of increased ATM fraud and threats where regulatory constraints are forcing Financial Organizations to comply with physical ATM security and transaction monitoring requirements, Printec's solution helps Financial Organizations face ATM security issues and comply with laws and regulatory requirements. By deploying the solution, Financial Organizations may capture snapshots associated with the critical steps within the flow of each ATM transaction. These media (images and video) are stored locally on the ATM for a configurable amount of time; furthermore, they can also be transferred to a central server either manually or automatically, at configurable time periods. Moreover, images are time-stamped and may also render additional transaction-related details, providing a valuable aid to track back ambiguous or suspect events during transactions. Finally, the solution can be implemented across multi-vendor ATM network environments, thus providing value-added advantages, in terms of central management and ease of maintenance.

Printec Group has designed and developed the ATM Security Camera Solution driven by customer requirements and market needs in the area of ATM fraud. Among its multiple benefits, is the enhanced transaction security without interrupting ATM transactions, regulatory compliance, enhanced security, reduced transaction fraud risk, remote access of media/ video and still image recording.

The Financial Organizations in the region, which have implemented the solution, have rated it as particularly effective. During the post implementation review of the system, it has been established that the solution can help banks effectively handle transaction disputes submitted to them from their customers, while in parallel the banks are able to successfully meet all requirements coming from Magisterial & Pollice authorities, in order to fight illegal activities. Furthermore, customer satisfaction reports show that customers are particularly satisfied from the professional and organized Project Management, which has led to very short implementation times. It has also been recorded that besides the bank's compliance with laws and regulatory requirements, the Bank's ATM Departments now have obtained an important additional tool which enables them to handle all requests and complaints/disputes, submitted by end customers using their ATM networks.

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