Increased electronic FX trading puts new demands on tech - StreamBase

Source: StreamBase

StreamBase announced today the results of its "FX Trading and Technology Trends in 2010" study.

Over 80 participants who are actively trading FX at hedge funds, banks, and asset management firms took part in the annual study over several weeks.

"The survey results are in line with our recent report on high frequency trading in FX indicating the increasing demand for adoption of electronic trading," said Sang Lee, co-founder and Managing Partner at Aite Group. "The fragmented markets and the need to source multiple liquidity pools simultaneously have underlined the importance of developing next generation trading infrastructures through the implementation of low latency technologies amongst different FX players."

Key findings of the StreamBase FX Trading and Technology Trends in 2010 report include:
• 10% increase in use of algos for FX trading from 2009
• Over 25% of participants say their current FX aggregation systems needs improvement
• 35% of participants plan to change or add electronic FX venues
• Nearly 50% of participants want to use FX aggregation as the basis for automated trading decisions
• 56% of participants say robust and easy to integrate technology is the most important criteria for choosing an electronic FX platform
• 60% of participants are interested in learning more about CEP - the most popular areas of interest got CEP in FX are the identification of trading opportunities, order placement and price improvement


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