Addison Avenue Federal CU introduces ATM locator for augmented reality iPhone app

Source: Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union

Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union and metaio today announced the availability of a free visual ATM locator channel on the junaio 2.0 augmented reality platform.

Accessible via metaio's junaio application on the iPhone 3GS platform, the ATM locator channel visually shows users where all ATM machines are in a several mile radius on their phone to take the hassle out of finding an ATM when it is needed fast anywhere across the United States.

Augmented reality is a technology that overlays digital content like graphics or 3D models on real objects through any video output. Junaio is an open mobile augmented reality (AR) platform that allows users and developers the ability to create content channels using some of the industry's most advanced mobile AR technology.

"Our members are connected and on-the-go and they expect tools that support that lifestyle," said Stu Fisher, senior vice president of eCommerce at Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union. "Even with more than 300,000 ATMs across the country, finding one when you need it can be a challenge. The visual ATM locator solves this problem and shows people which ATMs are free vs. fee by looking at the horizon through a mobile device."

Anyone can use the visual ATM locator channel. Addison Avenue provided the database the channel pulls from, but the content is not Addison Avenue specific. In fact, the application displays every ATM in the country, meaning that all banks and credit unions will be included in the results. A perk for Addison Avenue members is that the 28,000 free ATMs available to them will be highlighted to help them save not only time but money.

To try out the visual ATM locator, download the junaio application to an iPhone 3GS and subscribe to the visual ATM locator channel. It is that simple. Point your phone at the horizon and ATMs will be shown via a digital overlay from the live view of the camera on the phone. The ATM locator will be available on Android soon.

"The visual ATM locator channel is the first of its kind in the US," said Lisa Murphy, product marketing manager for junaio. "We are excited to see the technology being used in such a practical way and to add banking to the extensive list of categories we offer including culture, games, shopping, food, news, travel and nightlife."

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