Numerix launches Bond Trader; names Satyam Kancharla SVP

Source: Numerix

Numerix the leading provider of cross-asset analytics for derivatives valuations and risk management, has introduced Numerix Bond Trader, a front-office Excel based trade management and strategy tool.

Available via Numerix CrossAsset XL -- Bond Trader is the latest addition to Numerix's suite of Trader applications: FX Trader, Rates Trader and Credit Trader.

The suite of Numerix trader workbook applications are an extension of the powerful Numerix CrossAsset platform - the most comprehensive independent library of market standard models for all asset classes and hybrids - providing traders and risk managers advanced analytic solutions to manage a book of trades, monitor relevant market data and accurately value complex derivative deals.

Through an enhanced Excel interface, Numerix Bond Trader simplifies and accelerates the workflow associated with accurately valuing and managing a book comprised of corporate bonds, credit default swaps (CDS), Interest rate swaps and asset swap derivative instruments. Numerix Bond Trader provides front-office professionals a set of custom Excel spreadsheets for viewing and testing trades, and monitoring market data and risk metrics. Moreover, Numerix Bond Trader's combined credit analysis and screening capabilities, allows users to view select securities (corporate bond, CDS, benchmark treasury) on-the-fly, analyze the impact of a potential trade and then book all or some of the trades selected in the trade blotter.

With the Numerix Bond Trader Market Monitoring function, users also have the ability to retrieve - import market quotes and display real time yield curve and treasury curve calculations from the leading data providers.

"With Numerix Bond Trader we are able to provide our clients with advanced workflow functionality," said Steven R. O'Hanlon, President and COO of Numerix. "When coupled with the flexibility of the Numerix CrossAsset platform, Bond Trader is ideal for evaluating and monitoring all types of complex trading strategies. Bond Trader is the latest addition to our suite of existing Numerix Trader applications and based on our client's needs we will be introducing applications for other asset classes in the future."

Numerix Bond Trader Key Features & Benefits for Traders and Risk Managers


* Integrated deal capture and management for portfolios consisting of corporate bonds and credit products
* Perform Mark to Market (MTM) and Mark to Model calculations across the entire portfolio
* Conduct pre-trade analysis for finding Delta/Gamma neutral trade strategies
* Leverage combined credit analysis and screening capabilities
* Integrated market monitoring for Rate Curves, CDS Curves, Bond quotes
* Monitor risk exposure relating to interest rates, credit spreads, recovery rates and jump to default rates
* Find relative value opportunities in Bond/CDS Markets
* Tool set for active basis trading in the bond/CDS markets

Numerix Bond Trader consists of an Excel template that includes pre-defined worksheets for performing key tasks related to bond trading. The worksheets are divided into five categories: trade blotter, risk monitors, market monitors, position monitors and credit curve maintenance.

Separately, Numerix, the leading provider of cross-asset analytics for derivatives valuations and risk management, today announced that Satyam Kancharla has been promoted to Senior Vice President.

The promotion is being made in conjunction with Kancharla assuming responsibility for the company's newly created Client Solutions Group. Kancharla reports directly to Numerix President and COO, Steven R. O'Hanlon and is based in New York.

The Client Solutions Group primary charter is to work closely with Numerix clients, partners and prospects, to drive new feature requirements for existing products and to work within the confines of Numerix's global strategic products mandate and define new products that will either be developed organically or through acquisition. Equally important, the new group will be strategically tasked with the following:

  • owning and driving all product roadmaps
  • ensuring that all current and future products compliment our partners products
  • providing product management for Numerix development teams so that clients requirements and usability is detailed to developers in client written specifications
  • providing management and oversight of Numerix's valuation services
  • members will participate in annual industry trade shows and company events and serve as domain experts on industry issues pertaining to OTC derivatives and structured products

Commenting on the appointment of Kancharla, O'Hanlon stated, "Satyam has proven himself to be a valuable member of the Numerix team. His strong quantitative software development background and extensive Financial Engineering experience made him a natural to head this new strategic group at Numerix. Satyam and his operation will be expected to evolve our currently successful customer driven product focus to the next level. Satyam has overachieved in every position he has held at Numerix and I am confident that under his leadership this new team of existing and future employees will excel in all aspects of their responsibilities."

"This new group starts out with a larger operating team than most of our competitors total employee base and we expect to add ten additional team members during fiscal year 2010. This newly formed group will help to ensure Numerix's continued leadership position in the pricing and risk analytic markets for years to come," O'Hanlon added.

Kancharla has held various roles in Quantitative Software Development, Financial Engineering and Pre-Sales at Numerix. Most recently he was Vice President, Fixed Income Development and prior to that he was the CTO for Numerix Japan LLC in Tokyo, heading the Pre-Sales, Financial Engineering and Quantitative teams for Asia. Kancharla joined Numerix in April 2003. Prior to joining Numerix, Kancharla worked with Merrill Lynch and GE Capital in Quantitative Finance and Product Development roles.

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