Hypercom ships L5000 range

Source: Hypercom

Hypercom Corporation (NYSE: HYC) today introduced the L5000, a revolutionary new product family of customer-facing, multipurpose, multimedia payment terminals featuring the broadest range of functional and communication capabilities for the widest spectrum of multilane retailers.

Hypercom's L5000 family represents the industry's most comprehensive line of high performance, multilane terminals that will connect to any point-of-sale register system with any communications protocol including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®.

The new product lineup enables multiple in-store use beyond the traditional checkout line, including in-aisle product locating, barcode price checking, health insurance card processing at the pharmacy, gift card loading and wedding registry processing at kiosks.

Unlike competitors' products, the L5000 features an integrated ADA compliant keyboard, a side lit keypad, braille characters and a headphone jack to assist the visually disabled. It also features a full VGA color display and hardened glass capacitive touch screen providing the industry's brightest and most legible interface for interactive multimedia advertising.

Unlike competitive products, the L5000 features modular communications interfaces (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, contactless, Power over Ethernet) that enable retailers to change their connectivity options as their needs change. To maximize flexibility and minimize upfront costs, the L5000 also features a modular contactless reader for easy in-field upgrading to contactless card and NFC technology.

Also unlike competitors' products, the L5000 product family includes a cradled, cordless Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® hand-over device that lets clerks at jewelry, cosmetic and other high value counters bring the payment device to the customer, thus enabling the employee to stay with the customer throughout the sales process, and do so without unsightly cables.

Hypercom's new multilane product line is powered by a 400 MHz processor and advanced Linux operating system to deliver unrivaled in-store multimedia capabilities and speed.

The L5000 represents the most secure multilane product family ever introduced. It is designed to meet PCI PTS 2.x security compliance and features the payment ent industry's widest array of high security data encryption technology. Unlike competitor products, Hypercom's full X509 PKI (public key infrastructure) HyperSafe® security layer is also embedded in every model to protect the terminal and applications from hacking and malware attacks. The L5000 product line incorporates Hypercom's HyperSafe® Remote Key System (HRKS) for quick and secure on-site, in-store payment terminal key injection at the point-of-sale.

• L5300 - the sleekest workhorse for the high-end checkout line with full VGA color 5.7" large screen, brilliantly crisp interactive multimedia display and signature capture, integrated keypad with side lighting, audio speaker and audio port, advanced modular communications and optional Contactless and EMV smart card readers.

• L5200 - elegant, rugged entry level workhorse for merchants seeking a smaller signature capture terminal with full VGA color 4.3" screen for in-lane interactive marketing.

• L5350 - the sleek cordless version of the L5300, specifically designed for jewelry, cosmetic and other high-end counters.

• L5400 - the high end in-aisle wall mounted or countertop seated version with full VGA color 5.7" interactive touch screen multimedia display and barcode scanner for price checks, product locating, product pre-ordering and account balance checking. The L5400 can also be configured for signature capture applications in which an integrated keypad is not required.

"The L5000 is a revolutionary technological advance that gives retailers in all tiers the ability to use these products for far more than just payments. Competitors talk of evolution and that's fine for them. But for all multilane retailers in North America and throughout the world, the L5000 allows them for the first time to match the specific needs of each department with a value-added product in the L5000 family, all while knowing that the industry's strongest security is at work in every device," said Lloyd Baylard, Vice President, Multilane Products, Hypercom Corporation.

The L5300 and L5400 will be the available this summer. The L5350 and L5200 will be available early next year. For a hands-on demonstration, visit Hypercom booth #6332 at FMI 2010.


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