3i Infotech signs Generali International

Source: 3i Infotech

3i Infotech, a global provider of IT solutions, today announces the successful implementation of 'Reporting to Clients' for wealth management specialist Generali International.

Generali International selected 'Reporting to Clients' to add value to its existing reporting process both in terms of enhancing the overall presentation and streamlining the previously manually-intensive operation. Already Generali International has seen the time taken for the report production process fall by two thirds.

Feedback on the new look reports from Generali International's institutional clients has been very complimentary and particularly focused on the clarity and presentation. Since its launch two years ago, 'Reporting to Clients' has been building a strong reputation amongst wealth managers as an essential tool for efficiently producing attractive reports, thereby helping enhance and solidify client relationships.

'Reporting to Clients' has been integrated with Generali's existing back office system enabling data to be shared seamlessly across the operation. In fact, the solution has been built so that it can take in data from any source, before processing it for distribution. As such, it supports a myriad of reporting requirements including those of private client, institutional and retail wealth managers, hedge funds and private equity.

Mark Lainé, Head of Information Systems, Generali International, said, "With the increasing importance now placed on the reporting process, we have been entirely vindicated in our choice of solutions provider. We have been able to greatly enhance not only the presentation and quality of our reports, but also streamline the entire process to make it far more efficient. The successful and timely go live once again demonstrates that Generali International has selected a proven and reliable system with a reputable vendor."

Piers Farbrother, Product Director, 3i Infotech - Western Europe, commented, "Generali International is constantly striving to provide its clients with the best service and we are delighted that 'Reporting to Clients' has proven its key role in achieving this. The success of 'Reporting to Clients' in the wealth management space is, at least in part, because of 3i Infotech's extensive industry knowledge derived from its long history of providing investment management solutions to the leading players in the market."

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