Meta Payment System selects GDS Link DataView360

Source: GDS Link

GDS Link, a global provider of customer-centric risk management and process automation solutions, announced today that Meta Payment Systems has selected DataView360 to support the intricate underwriting of its lending programs.

DataView360 is GDS Link's flagship solution with functionality enabling internal and external data access, attribute set creation and maintenance, scorecard model implementation, unlimited decisioning as well as retro scoring processes.

"We required a platform to merge credit data with other internal and external sources to feed custom built scoring models, and then program these to accurately calculate consumer risk," explained Meta Payment Systems' Craig Johnson, director of portfolio risk management. "GDS Link's nimble, configurable technology addressed those needs and provided the capabilities to manage high application volumes without sacrificing quick response times."

Meta enlisted GDS Link's DataView360 as an underwriting tool for two lending programs. First, Meta applies an underwriting application tool to approve customers and establish credit lines for its small dollar line of credit that is tied to a prepaid card. Meta also effectively and efficiently aggregates disparate credit bureau data with scoring models for underwriting its unique tax season-related line of credit, offered to individuals prior to receipt of their tax refund.

Meta must accept information from credit bureaus as well as the information submitted by customers. Because DataView360 can be modified to any client's specific needs, GDS Link was able to layer the technology into Meta's existing architecture, resulting in just a two-month implementation time for a very complex underwriting process. Meta achieved the handling of more than 10,000 applications each hour from 5,000 office locations submitting applications at the same time.

Johnson continued, "There is no time for manual review or error. GDS Link supports the technology to streamline our underwriting and provides the expertise to guide us through the proper control of these systems for greater accuracy and compliance."

"DataView360's modular design eliminates the burden of making wholesale changes to any organization's legacy infrastructure, therefore improving time to market and supporting a rapid ROI," explained Paul Greenwood, president of GDS Link. "Meta Payment Systems took advantage of its configurability and simple integration to benefit from increased productivity, reduced costs and greater accuracy."

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