Consult Hyperion joins NFC Forum

Source: NFC Forum

Consult Hyperion, a leading firm of independent IT management consultants, announced today that it has joined the Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum, a non-profit industry association advancing the use of NFC technology, as an Associate member.

The Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum is a global standards development and advocacy group dedicated to advancing near field communication technology, educating the public about its benefits, and furthering its implementation around the world. Due to Consult Hyperion's involvement in contactless payments and ticketing, the organisation expects to make a strong contribution to the Ecosystem Development Working Group and the Marketing Communications Working Group.

"Consult Hyperion is pleased to join other industry leaders in the NFC Forum to further develop the acceptance and ecosystem of NFC technology," said Simon Laker, Senior Consultant Consult Hyperion. "NFC technology has the potential to cross all geographic and physical barriers, and an open consortium is the best way to ensure true interoperability among devices and services, as well as implementing a dynamic environment for leveraging the full potential of NFC technology for companies in all sectors."

Now with more than 23 years experience of advising government, financial organisations, telecoms operators and suppliers on how to exploit new technology for payments, identity management, ticketing and other electronic transactions services. Consult Hyperion are currently advising organisations around the world on contactless payments, near-field communications (NFC), identity cards, mobile money transfers and migration strategies for MIFARE based ticketing systems.

The NFC Forum's corporate members include both product and services firms: companies from the mobile communications, consumer electronics, chip manufacturing, computing, media and entertainment, telecom and payment services sectors. The Forum carries out its work primarily through focused working groups of members covering its various areas of interest, and it promotes the adoption of NFC through open specification development, interoperability testing and certification facilities, and by publishing the value of NFC-eC-enabled products and services.

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