Banque Populaire upgrades Teradata enterprise data warehouse

Source: Teradata

Teradata Corporation (NYSE:TDC) today announced that the Banque Populaire Group has upgraded its Teradata enterprise data warehouse to improve the strategic and operational decision-making capability of its business intelligence environment.

The Banque Populaire Group serves more than 9 million customers.

"After a rigorous assessment of many vendors, we originally selected Teradata in 2006 to help us to achieve our strategic vision of a robust and agile business intelligence infrastructure," said Ludovic Favarette, Business Intelligence Business Manager, Banque Populaire Group. "Our current challenge is to integrate data from all product lines and customer groups from the 21 regional retail banks on Teradata. Analyses of this integrated data will make it possible to get a concise, accurate view of our complex business and help us make decisions that are profitable."

Banque Populaire Group will depend on the power of the Teradata database and the Teradata Purpose-Built Platform Family to be the foundation for customer profitability analysis, sales lead administration, marketing, customer relationship management, risk management, fraud prevention and anti-money laundering analysis. The executive dashboard provides the Banque Populaire Group senior managers with a global view of each banks' activities on a next-day basis. Each bank's operational performance is compared to its peers and profitability is computed on an individual customer and branch basis.

The Teradata Purpose-Built Platform Family offers customers options, which allow them to optimize their data warehouse environments. All of the Teradata Purpose-Built Platform Family members provide best-in-class capability for today's toughest environments. As customers analyze their analytical needs in developing their data warehouse architecture, Teradata is the trusted advisor that presents customers a range of options, instead of a single product with a single price.

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