Fernbach, Intel and HP team on liquidity risk management

Source: Fernbach

Fernbach, a global leader in risk and financial management solutions, today announces a strategic initiative with HP and Intel, both leaders in innovative technology platforms, to service the fast moving Liquidity Risk space.

The three vendors have teamed up and are introducing a unique packaged solution - Liquidity Risk Appliance - to help firms in the United Kingdom meet the forthcoming FSA requirements.

Given the level of detailed data, analysis frequency and stress testing demands as well as tight implementation deadlines, the new regulation presents a significant challenge to many financial institutions.

The Liquidity Risk Appliance has been designed to address this imminent business need. It is a unique offering combining the proven FlexFinance® Liquidity application, which received the 2009 innovation award, with the state-of-the-art HP & Intel server platform: HP's Proliant and Integrity blade systems. This fully integrated solution stack is pre-configured, pre-tested and seamlessly scalable.

The Liquidity Risk Appliance enables customers to easily and quickly deploy an end-to-end liquidity management solution that can help them address the new FSA liquidity risk regulations and meet the specified deadline. The concept of this common program incorporates easily customisable stress scenarios, liquidity analysis blueprints and all required statutory report templates. It has been validated in production environments, can be quickly deployed and is available for immediate distribution to financial clients in UK and worldwide.

Mike Hamm, Managing Director of FERNBACH-Software, said: 'To manage liquidity effectively firms need a solution blending seamlessly scenario modelling and management reporting capabilities. Many offerings in the market are pretending to have an end-to-end functional scope but are in essence gobbling together functional bits and pieces from different stables. The Liquidity Risk Appliance from FERNBACH, HP and Intel has been designed from the outset as an integrated liquidity solution suite - easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to scale.'

Jonathan Traer-Clark, Global Director, Capital Markets, WW Financial Services Industries, HP Enterprise Business, said: 'We chose to work with FERNBACH because their Liquidity Risk Software application is a holistic solution addressing the entire liquidity risk spectrum. It reflects an integrated, innovative approach that has been validated by banks and analysts alike. This puts them in a unique position to service the new regulations. Blending FERNBACH software with our modular HP server platforms provides a perfect combination. Liquidity Risk Appliance sets have been pre-configured and pre-tested for small, medium and large institutions to deliver instant benefits to them.'

Nigel Woodward, Worldwide Director Financial Services at Intel, said: ‘We really liked the idea of being involved in bringing to market a solution which combines the respective expertise of all 3 parties. We acknowledge the leadership that FERNBACH have developed in risk management software and are hence delighted to be able to test and configure this software on our latest Xeon 5500 Series CPUs. We see risk management as a key focus in the coming years, challenging the ability of firms to be able to respond to the regulators - where the appliance approach accelerates the ability to be both compliant and implement what is prudent management of risk.

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