Primary Trading Solutions becomes authorised DMA provider in Argentina

Source: Primary Trading Solutions

Primary Trading Solutions, a Latin American leader in securities and financial transaction technology, is pleased to announce that it has received ROFEX technical certification and authorization to provide DMA platforms to its brokers.

"At the CNV, we appreciate and encourage this type of initiatives that add to the development of the Argentine capital market, while strengthening investor protection principles, equity, efficiency, transparency and systemic risk reduction," said Hernan Fardi, Vice president of the Argentine Securities Exchange Commission (Comisión Nacional de Valores-CNV), the agency in charge of regulating Argentina's capital markets. "Additionally, as part of a natural synergy, the deployment of this type of electronic transaction technology by Argentine companies not only boosts the local software industry but also takes the capital market to a whole new level," adds Hernán Fardi.

With over 120 brokers, ROFEX is the leading futures exchange in Argentina and the first to have regulatory authorization to offer DMA.

"With DMA, brokers now have a very powerful tool to attract more orders from their existing customers and to get new customers who up to now have chosen foreign markets for their ease of access. DMA offers speed, transparency and security, all benefits that until now were unavailable to the end customer and which will also translate into higher revenues for brokers," said Diego Fernández, CEO at ROFEX.

Record transactions, new products and brokers.

Additionally, Primary announced today it has reached a new record trading volume in the trading platforms that it provides to three Argentine exchanges.

A record-setting USD 981 million was traded on January 27 in futures, currencies, bonds and equities over Primary platforms.

The company has also added the capacity for trading government securities and REPO's to its FIX Oasis platform, which has attracted 24 new brokers to the system.

"The DMA revolution has finally arrived to the capital markets of our country. We intend to lead this revolution and to be aggressive enough to cover every local financial instrumrument and market. We expect trading volumes to grow substantially from now on," stated Alfredo Conde, Chairman of Primary.

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