Interoute connects to Bats Europe

Source: Interoute

Interoute, owner operator of Europe's largest next-generation network announces the availability of direct connectivity to Bats Europe, the second largest Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) in Europe.

Financial institutions can connect directly to Bats Europe via Interoute's high quality bandwidth service, Fast Trade, which offers ultra low latency connectivity between 25 countries in Europe.

"We are pleased to partner with Interoute to connect market participants to the highly efficient, low latency BATS Europe platform. We remain committed to providing market participants with a choice of connectivity providers that can provide our customers with the low latency and resilient experience they have come to expect from us," said Paul O'Donnell, Chief Operating Officer of BATS Europe.

Lee Myall, UK regional director at Interoute, said: "BATS Europe's 300 per cent growth spurt in 2009 is testament to its investment in leading technology and its innovative approach to financial trading. Not only has this proposition attracted many leading blue chip companies, but it has earned it a reputation for high performance across its trading platforms. We are committed to helping BATS Europe to continue its delivery and innovation in this field."

Supporting trades in securities across 16 European markets, BATS Europe provides world-class system performance with 99% of orders filled in 465 microseconds. Interoute's Fast Trade service was chosen as it guarantees ultra low round trip delay times and low latency between any trading hub on Interoute's extensive European network, which covers more than two hundred of Interoute's points-of-presence (PoPs).

Interoute Fast Trade is a point to point service based on Interoute's SDH and wavelength platforms. Any Fast Trade bandwidth purchased is entirely dedicated to the customer, ensuring the latency does not vary during the working day. Before it goes live, each Fast Trade route is tested for its exact round trip delay. This delay, measured to the nearest 100 microseconds, is then guaranteed in a premium quality Service Level Agreement (SLA) before the customer takes delivery of the service, ensuring g a predictable high quality, high speed service. Furthermore, the Interoute SLA means that should the round trip delay not match the guaranteed level the customer is free to cancel the service without any additional charges.

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