Hypercom payment software named PCI PA-DSS compliant

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High security electronic transaction solutions provider Hypercom Corporation (NYSE: HYC) today announced that its high security SPOS32 payment software application, versions 3.0 and 3.1, are PCI PA-DSS validated and immediately available to support the Company's Optimum countertop and mobile card payment product portfolio.

"The most effective security solutions, continual innovation and a singular focus on our customers are at the centerpiece of what we do. Achieving this stringent new security level further protects sensitive cardholder data, fortifies our ability to build market share and is directly in line with our continual and historic tradition of providing rigorous protection to merchants," said T.K. Cheung, Vice President, Global Quality & Security, Hypercom Corporation. "SPOS32 is our premier, feature-rich and off-the-shelf payment application for the Optimum product portfolio; it can be widely used by our customers to help bolster their payment security."

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) is a global set of security requirements for software vendors who develop payment applications. PA-DSS compliant applications do not store prohibited data such as track data, sensitive authentication data, or PIN data, helping merchants and agents who use them to immediately mitigate compromises and support overall compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

This latest payment industry security milestone follows PCI PTS 2.1 security approval of Hypercom's Optimum L4150 multilane payment terminals and L4150 Secure Keypad in January, and Hypercom's receipt of the globally prestigious Sesame Award for its HyperSafe® Remote Key System (HRKS) last November. The Sesame Awards represent an unchallenged seal of approval in innovation and are regarded as the global standard for card manufacturers and related industries.

Hypercom's popular new Optimum product portfolio includes the T4205, T4210, T4220 and T4230 countertop and M4100, M4230 and M4240 mobile card payment terminals. Separately, high security electronic payment and digital transactions solutions provider Hypercom Corporation (NYSE: HYC) and First Data Corporation, a global leader in electronic commerce and payment processsing, today announced that First Data has approved Hypercom as an encrypting service organization for remote key injection and that Hypercom's HyperSafe® Remote Key System will be available through First Data's TASQ Technology. The companies also announced that Hypercom is teaming with First Data to implement the First Data® TransArmor SM solution as a significant advance in the payment industry's attack on card data fraud.

"Implementing effective data security requires sophisticated and tailored technologies that make it easier for our merchant customers to do business. The time, convenience, cost and security benefits of Hypercom's remote key injection system are clear, and the additional security offered by HyperSafe complements TransArmor's objectives to deliver much needed security to our business partners and respective merchants globally," said Ed Labry, president of Retail and Alliance Services, First Data.

Industry's Leading Standards-Based Remote Key Injection

Hypercom's Remote Key System (HRKS) is the industry's leading standards-based remote key injection product that allows retailers to quickly and securely initiate on-site, in-store payment terminal key injection at the point of sale. Available through First Data's TASQ Technology, the system offers a fast and highly secure alternative to the industry's traditional secure room key injection process.

HRKS eliminates the need for off-site secure room key injection by incorporating PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to securely distribute symmetric 3DES keys. HRKS meets ANSI x9.24 and Visa PIN Security Guidelines for remote key management, and is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and X509 compliant.

"Merchants in today's demanding economy need the fastest, most proven and flexible secure key injection software to streamline their operations and boost the bottom-line. No one wants to waste the time and money shipping their newest terminals off-site, nor should they be expected to do that," said Philippe Tartavull, chief executive officer and president, Hypercom Corporation. "Add to that the fast approaching requirements for 3DES, and the ability to expedite merchant migration to 3DES and eliminate cost is essential."

Hypercom's HyperSafe Remote Key System was awarded the globally prestigious Sesame Award at Cartes 2009. The Sesame Awards represent an unchallenged seal of approval in innovation and are regarded as the global standard for card manufacturers and related industries.

Partnership to Fight Card Data Fraud

In another key step in the alliance being formulated by the two payment security industry leaders, Hypercom intends to market the First Data TransArmor solution and First Data intends to incorporate Hypercom's HyperSafe secure suite of security products as an added layer of protection for merchants.

The TransArmor solution addresses the root cause of merchant data security issues by removing payment card data from the merchant environment as part of processing the transaction, significantly reducing risk and the scope of PCI compliance efforts. The solution leverages the RSA SafeProxyTM architecture, a powerful combination of asymmetric encryption, tokenization and key management engineered to provide the benefit of end-to-end protection and eliminate on-site cardholder data storage for merchants. Unique features of the token make it possible for merchants to continue to handle key business functions such as returns, recurring billing, loyalty programs and other analysis, without enabling card data to be used for fraudulent transactions.

Hypercom's HyperSafe suite of security products protects cardholder data during operation and maintenance, defending terminals from rogue applications and malware, protects the terminal management system from communicating with fraudulent terminals and provides the industry's only remote key management system. Key benefits for banks, processors and large retailers: protects their investment in the point of sale estate, reduces the potential for fraudulent use of terminals and ensures the secure transport of cryptographic keys. HyperSafe is one of five key components Hypercom delivers to protect payment card data.

"We are making available the smartest array of security approaches providing choices for businesses of all types to fortify their defenses and protect cardholder data against current and future threats. The addition of the First Data TransArmor solution to our arsenal of crime-fighting technologies together with our HyperSafe suite of security products allows us to deliver the industry's most comprehensive selection of security solutions," said Mr. Tartavull.

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