Panini and Brazil's Tecpoint team on cheque truncation

Source: Panini

Panini, the market leader in distributed check capture, and Tecpoint, a leading provider of banking and payments technology in Brazil, have announced a partnership enabling both companies to assist banks with the emerging distributed check capture market in Brazil.

As a result of new check truncation legislation, Brazilian financial institutions will be moving to distributed check capture this year. The combination of Tecpoint's Sistec solution and the Panini family of check scanners offer a compelling solution for this new payments initiative.

Panini introduced their newest check scanning platform, the Panini I:Deal, to the global payments community at Febraban's CIAB Conference in São Paulo, Brazil last summer. Tecpoint was the first Brazilian company to certify the product and begin implementing the technology in Brazil. When combined with Tecpoint's Sistec software, the Panini I:Deal allows Brazilian financial institutions and their business customers to truncate paper checks at the earliest point of presentment. Captured images can then be processed and cleared electronically, reducing the costs and procedures associated with physically transporting paper items.

"The Panini I:Deal is designed specifically for low volume check capture environments which makes it a perfect match for the Brazilian check truncation market," says Cleber Ferreira, Marketing Manager, Tecpoint. "We are very impressed with the product, our partnership with Panini, and the success we've experienced as a result."

"Tecpoint is one of the leading providers of payments software to financial institutions in Brazil, and we're very pleased to have such a strong partnership with them," adds Romeo Gonçalez, Latin America Sales Director, PANINI. "Our collaboration will help Brazil's financial institutions capture the maximum benefits from check truncation."

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