MTS data available on CarryQuote

Source: MTS

MTS, the leading market in Europe for the trading of fixed income securities, and CarryQuote, A.G., a pioneer in integrated desktop and mobile financial information solutions, today announced that MTS Data is now available for use in the CarryQuote application.

CarryQuote's award-winning mobile + online market intelligence application provides real-time pricing data from around the world, actionable analytics and personalized alerts through an easy-to-use interface.

MTS, the leading provider in wholesale electronic bond trading in Europe, is the world's benchmark for European government bond data with true transparency and price discovery. MTS Data is the reference price source where all Eurozone Euro/Danish Krone/Polish Zloty/Israeli Shekel-denominated sovereign and quasi-sovereign debt can be found on a single feed.

Rafah Hanna, Head of MTS Data, said "We are excited to be working with Carryquote. Clients are benefiting from the portability of MTS data on smartphones, with demand being driven from the buy side. Carryquote has designed a cutting-edge technology which offers the customers the freedom to check the price levels of their fixed income holdings with MTS Data on the move.

"MTS Data is an excellent addition to CarryQuote's data partner pool of over 95 sources worldwide. By enabling us to provide a large majority of Europe's inter-dealer markets, we are now that much more attractive to existing and future Euro-bond investors," said Michael Stennicke, CEO, CarryQuote. "This partnership supports our goal to offer the most on demand real time data available for the price anywhere in the world," he concluded.

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