DotEx International connects to TNS

Source: Transaction Network Services

DotEx International, a 100% subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), has appointed financial community connectivity provider Transaction Network Services (NYSE:TNS) to provide market data information via TNS' fully-managed Secure Trading Extranet.

This new customer boosts the number of financial markets and exchanges connected to TNS' community of interest to 43, spanning the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. This includes 16 alternative trading systems, ECNs and multi-lateral trading facilities, making TNS' Secure Trading Extranet an easy to access gateway to the global marketplace.

DotEx International (DotEx) provides data and info-vending services for the NSE. This separate set-up is dedicated solely for the purpose of providing NSE's market quotes and data for various segments, including Capital Market Segment (CM), Futures and Options Segment (F&O) and Currency Derivative Market Segment (CDS).

Connecting to TNS' Secure Trading Extranet will allow DotEx to develop new relationships within India and outside its borders.

Alan Schwartz, President for TNS' Financial Services Division, said: "We are extremely pleased to welcome DotEx and NSE to our network and help improve their market data distribution and support their ability to connect with new financial market participants across many countries. Our extensive community of interest will allow DotEx to target further participants and build on its fast growing client base."

TNS' Secure Trading Extranet connects over 1,600 financial community end-points, representing buy-side and sell-side institutions, market data and software vendors, exchanges and alternative trading venues. It boasts over 115 points of presence and provides services to clients in over 40 countries across America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, with its reach extending to many more countries.


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