Collis names Q-Card as US reseller

Source: Collis

Collis is proud to announce that it has signed up Q-Card to be their Value Added Reseller for the United States.

Q-Card has become the latest Value Added Reseller to Collis' strong network of distributors throughout the world. It is seen as a key step for Collis in reaching out to new customers within the United States. Q-Card will concentrate on selling the products from the Issuing portfolio which includes such state-of-the-art tools as the Collis EMV PVT, Collis Card Image Editor, Collis Card Simulator and Collis Card Spy to name a few. They will also focus on promoting Collis Training Academy which includes training courses such as Contactless and Mobile, EMV and ePassport Training.

Jeff Bedell, VP Sales/Marketing, Q-Card comments: "Collis is rapidly becoming synonymous with secure transaction technology. We are proud to be Collis' U.S.‐based value added reseller, as the equipment helps us provide a higher quality of service to our customers."

Collis CEO, Dirk Jan van den Heuvel adds: "Q-Card's reputation and track record means that they were an easy choice when it came to teaming up with a reseller. Q-Card's strong background and knowledge in card reader, smartcard and mag-stripe testing means that they already understand the core technology that is behind our products and services. This is the "value add" we look for when choosing a new distributor. I look forward to a successful collaboration with Q-Card in increasing Collis' brand awareness in the US through our high quality test tools and expert training & consultancy."

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