Value-Centered launches new money management platform, InOutCash

Source: Value-Centered Solutions, Inc.

Value-Centered Solutions, Inc. today announces the launch of its online money management coaching software, In today's turbulent economy, people are looking for ways to hold on to their income and make smarter money management decisions. delivers a convenient platform for real-time views of all financial accounts in one location and offer financial health score assessments to rate users' progress against tailored financial goals. The personalized coaching features equip users with knowledge to improve their financial health score while the incentive based point system motivates them to be consistent. users can securely view all of their financial accounts in one system, create budgets, and set financial goals. Using over 10 custom algorithms that bring together best practice recommendations from credit bureaus, lending institutions, and financial advisors, users are scored in categories surrounding cash health, debt health, and spending discipline. Based on their financial health scores, users are offered on-demand video coaching and tailored financial tips. To encourage users to improve their scores, they are given a title and ranking (called a Cashatar) based on their accumulation of points. This greatly motivates users to continually strive for excellence.

" gives users real-time scores and views of their financial health providing a true snapshot of their financial condition," said Michael E. Parker, CEO of Value-Centered Solutions. "People need a money management tool that coaches them through their financial situations and then motivates them to consistently improve." offers convenient technological features, coaches users to financial health unlike any software on the market, and incentivizes users to maintain consistent, positive financial behavior by using a rewards point system. This new online money management coaching software enables the common person to manage their money with greater financial intelligence and ease.

" rivals existing products in that it not only shows people where they are financially, but provides tailored coaching based on the users true financial condition," said Matt Marshall, Executive Producer of DEMO. "Its easy-to-use interface makes it the ideal tool for novices and experts alike."

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