Voice Commerce Group hires Neil Rafferty

Source: Voice Commerce Group

Voice Commerce Group, the innovative financial services group, today announced that Neil Rafferty is joining the management team.

Rafferty, who is based in Brussels, is tasked with driving the company's expansion into Continental Europe and developing the Voice TransactTM business. He will also hold responsibility for overall sales and marketing activities, including the expansion of the company's sales force which it plans to grow significantly in 2010.

In developing VoiceTransactTM Rafferty will work with partners to establish a number of Trust Centres around Europe. Covering 51 countries, the VoiceTransactTM network sets the standard for interoperable voice signatures and biometric interchange through its Trust Centre network. Voice Commerce Group operates VoiceTransactTM for its own regulated financial services worldwide and provides identity and payment solutions either as a hosted service from a Trust Centre or as a network connected option to a business.

Prior to joining Voice Commerce Group Rafferty has held a number of high profile positions during his career. These include developing the BT / Cisco global relationship in his role as Global Operations Director at Cisco Systems and also managing 950 employees across eight European countries in his role as CEO and Board Member at Easynet Group plc.

Nick Ogden, CEO of Voice Commerce Group, said: "We've had a busy six months at Voice Commerce and we don't see things slowing down any time soon. Neil's appointment is a reflection of this level of activity and also of our commitment to driving the company forward and continuing to develop our presence within the industry. Neil brings with him a wealth of experience which will be of great strategic benefit both to VoiceTransactTM and the Voice Commerce Group as a whole."

Neil Rafferty, Director Voice Transact at Voice Commerce Group, added: "I am excited to be working with such a dynamic and talented group of people as exists at Voice Commerce Group, and also to be joining them at such a key time in their corporate development. Voice biometrics for authentication is a hot topic right now and we really have a chance to evolve and shape the market. I look forward to helping the Group capitalise on their technological innovation."

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