ClairMail unveils mobile connectivity architecture

Source: ClairMail

ClairMail, the leader in mobile banking and payment solutions, today unveiled its Mobile Connectivity Architecture (MCA) as a platform to help Financial Institutions (FIs) future-proof their mobile delivery channel powered offerings.

In practice, MCA enables FIs to realize the potential benefits of mobile financial services, while providing custom connectivity that easily deploys expanding initiatives across all internal businesses and channels as mobile services and strategies evolve.

FIs are seeing the value of the mobile handset as a critical communications channel and are looking to deliver relevant mobile services to customers to empower them with more control over their personal finances. To truly succeed, FIs must have a mobile financial services platform in place that can take them from the basic 1st generation versions of mobile banking, defined by simple account management, to 2nd generation mobile banking models, which includes real-time transactions, and finally to the 3rd generation of mobile banking, where complex but seamless orchestration will enable all customer communication and most transactions to be conducted and coordinated through the mobile handset.

"Banks that give consumers mobile control over their banking will gain control of customer loyalty. Banks that figure out how to deliver and evolve real-time connectivity with actionable alerts will have a huge advantage over their competitors," said George Tubin, Senior Research Director at TowerGroup. "If 2009 was the year in which mobile banking broke into the mainstream, 2010 will be the year in which FIs will look to capitalize on the full potential of the mobile channel. An open, scalable mobile platform is a key component to get FIs there."

ClairMail's new MCA allows mobile banking to become strategic across the FI and not just tactical. FIs can now move beyond alerts to complex multi-channel conversations with customers about new banking products and services. MCA's end-to-end, multi-method and modular architecture brings banks all levels of mobile banking -- account management, real-time transaction data feeds and the orchestrated resolution of any banking issue. Freeing FIs from previous restraints, ClairMail's new MCA offering is not tied to a core processor. MCA connects to any core provider, but also operates as an open platform that can independently access multiple financial services and related operational systems. These systems include marketing automation, fraud management, payment networks and contact center applications, delivering maximum flexibility and extensibility across lines of business and ultimately helping the FI build a mobile initiative into all bank products and services. MCA has proven connectivity to more than ten core financial provider systems and seamlessly integrates with existing back office and security infrastructure and customer contact systems like IVR and CTI.

"As more and more FIs understand the power of the mobile channel, using it to provide basic banking services will be just the entry-level requirement," said Donald MacCormick, Vice President of Product and Engineering at ClairMail. "In order for FIs to fully utilize the opportunity of mobile and remain competitive they need to ensure that their mobile platform can reach across all their systems in order to trigger and complete cross-functional business processes. ClairMail's new MCA provides an open architecture to allow them to do exactly this and provides a complete solution for banks that powers the transition from 1st generation mobile banking through to 3rd generation mobile banking."

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