Barclaycard taps Welcome Real-time for loyalty scheme

Source: Welcome Real-time

Welcome Real-time today announced its partnership with Barclaycard to provide the technology infrastructure behind the groundbreaking new loyalty scheme, Barclaycard Freedom, which goes live for over eight million cardholders in the UK today.

Barclaycard is using Welcome Real-time's proven Welcome XLS software to run and manage the campaigns and track 'Reward Money' for all cardholders across up to 30,000 retailer outlets participating in the scheme. Welcome XLS makes it easy for Barclaycard to vary the Reward Money offered to customers. The software offers real-time integration with any point of sale device used by participating retailers, regardless of the payment application or infrastructure being used. This will allow cardholders to see their updated Barclaycard Reward Money balance at the point of sale, alongside any promotions from the retailer, and choose to redeem Reward Money immediately or for any future transaction.

Sarah Newman, Managing Director of Barclaycard Freedom, said: "From the beginning we were looking to create an innovative retail rewards programme that would attract a broad range of retailers of all sizes. To achieve this we needed a technology platform that would be simple for retailers to integrate with their existing point of sale devices. Similarly the scheme had to be straightforward and hassle-free for our cardholders, allowing them to easily track the 'Reward Money' balance on their cards through participating retailers. Welcome Real-time was able to demonstrate a simple yet proven approach, and was the only supplier offering us the ability to interact with cardholders in real-time at the point of sale."

François Dutray, CEO of Welcome Real-time said: "Barclaycard Freedom is a groundbreaking project in terms of its scale and the breadth of participating retailers and customers it will reach. But while the scale of the deployment sounds complex, our technology is very straightforward for retailers to implement giving a fast time to market. Our software is already being used to run successful merchant-funded programmes for banks and other organisations of all sizes across Europe, Asia and the Americas - with many using it to analyse behaviour, and offer personalised rewards to customers in real-time. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Barclaycard and to collaborating on new initiatives that continue to surprise and delight cardholders and drive business growth."

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