Source:, a new free online resource providing up-to-the-minute share information on all FTSE100, 250 and 350 London Stock Exchange listed companies has launched to make trading, quicker, simpler and more accessible than ever before. has been launched following the huge success of its predecessor, and now provides faster and more reliable streaming from the London Stock Exchange, allowing users to react to any peaks or troughs in market prices quickly and effectively when buying or selling shares.

David Holmes, Founder of, commented: "We concentrated a lot on streaming speed as it's of the utmost importance if users of the site are going to be able to maximise profit when investing. Without it, stock opportunities can pass extremely quickly. We also wanted to add in a number of additional functions to educate the user and make trading experience as simple and effective as possible."

Indeed, offers a whole host of new functions including being able to create a 'watch list' where the share prices of individual companies can be monitored. Another interesting feature is the ability to create multiple portfolios of stocks that a user may personally hold allowing the profit or loss of each stock or group of stocks to be closely monitored.

As a means of further educating its users, also acts as an information resource, providing daily news stories on the risers and fallers of the days trading.

David continued: "Share dealing can be an extremely complicated process if the consumer has never done it before and we wanted to eradicate this by educating the user and streamlining all processes in order for shares to be monitored, bought and sold with a sound piece of mind."


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