Simplex launches global 'super bureau'

Source: Simplex Consulting

Simplex Consulting Limited today announced the launch of the global Simplex Super Bureau in conjunction with its partner Sterci S.A.

The unique platform is designed to meet the financial transaction needs of global financial institutions, corporations and investment firms.

Philip Walsh, Simplex CEO said, "With the launch of the Simplex Super Bureau platform, our two companies have once again demonstrated leadership in the field of financial transaction processing. Simplex was the first to launch an independent SWIFT Bureau in the UK, we were the first to structure a pan-European offering with Sterci, and are now the first to launch a global super bureau platform."

Simon Kalfon, Sterci CEO said "As a result of Sterci's investment in Simplex in November 2009, the two companies had effectively created the foundations for a global super bureau. With Sterci's official opening of its Singapore office and Simplex's requirements to deliver global services to its large transaction banking customers during 2010, this was the inevitable next phase in the evolution of our highly successful partnership".

Simplex's definition of a global super bureau platform includes the four key criteria:- global reach, global availability, multiple value-added services for payments and securities and network-independent architecture.


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