East updates on European ATM fraud findings

Source: European ATM Security Team

East (the European ATM Security Team) has just published its first European Fraud Update for 2010.

This is based on country crime updates given by representatives of 19 European countries at the 20th EAST meeting held at Groupement des Cartes Bancaires (CB) in Paris on 10th February 2010.

Skimming at ATMs remains an issue, with repeat attacks at single ATM locations noted. Attacks at bank lobby door swipe locations are still being reported. Skimming related losses outside the EMV area remain significant, with fraudulent withdrawals also taking place within the EMV area due to the usage of 'mag stripe only' cards from non EMV card issuers, or because some EMV card issuers authorize 'mag stripe fall back' transactions. Decreases have been reported in skimming at other payment terminal locations. Some visible anti-skimming devices continue to be overruled by criminals, and the first case of an invisible device being over-ruled has also been reported.

A new type of card trapping device has been reported, although most such devices remain fairly unsophisticated and cash trapping incidents using the 'mouse trap' device were reported by four countries.

One country reported an increase in ram raids, and another noted that the deployment of banknote ink staining devices had helped to reduce such attacks. Four countries reported robberies involving staff engaged in the transport and replenishment of cash at ATMs, and one of them noted that such attacks are becoming increasingly violent.

Losses from hacking or from data breaches at processors or merchants continue to be reported.


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