E-payments outfit GFG Group launches Web site

Source: GFG Group

The GFG Group goes live today with the launch of a new and innovative website.

The fully dynamic and interactive site has been designed to deliver rapid access and easy download of up to date product information for GFG Groups Cadencie Card Management system, Simfonie - the Mobile Payments solution and GFG's Payment Tools products.

The site architecture has a clear navigation system that will enable visitors to quickly view:
- Industry Updates and a compilation of global best practice sharing
- Enhanced Product information
- Subscribe to a source of thought leadership articles through e-news
- Contact details for the expanded network of customer support across multiple geographies including Asia and UAE

The new website designed by AMG based in Auckland, along with an expanded presence in Asia and the UAE are all evidence of GFG's commitment of resources in order to support and ensure its rapid growth in 2010.

"As a global company operating in 19 countries, we are acutely aware of the important role our web site has in the selling and servicing of the payment solutions we provide. Given the geographic spread of our Clients the website delivers a cost effective way for both marketing and selling. Hence the need to update our old site and to have a contemporary and fully functional site was critical. The decision to hire AMG was based on their ability to translate our IT solutions into an International market place reflecting different cultures and attitudes. I think AMG have done an outstanding job for GFG" said Grant Halverson - Chief Executive Officer of GFG Group Limited.

"GFG Group required a contemporary website revamp that was fast loading and easy to navigate. AMG designed a clean, 'spacious' website that reflected the global nature of their business. A dynamic pop-out navigation menu was created for ease of use." Pen Hunt - Lead web designer of AMG said.

"While 2009 was certainly a challenging year, GFG was able to develop significant opportunities in 15 key target markets in Australasia, Asia and the Middle East.We continued to make good progress in our desire to grow market share in Card Management Solutions and Mobile Payments" Grant Halverson Chief Executive Officer for GFG Group said today.

"Each of these markets has its own challenges but in 2009 we were able to capitalise on a number of key opportunities by executing on a tightly focused strategy." Halverson said.

An integral part of positioning the organisation for growth was the appointment of several senior industry experts. Miguel Warren has joined GFG as VP Sales Asia, based in the GFG Manila office. He has significant experience and extensive skills in the Card Payments market. Ismael Lavergne was announced as VP Mobile Sales in the GFG Singapore office, he brings a great depth of experience in the Mobile Payments market. Along with these experts, the existing highly skilled and experienced GFG Sales team will continue to provide support to all of the GFG clients in Asia and the developing markets.

With mobile payments predicted to be used by over 2 billion consumers in the coming years, and representing revenues of $320 million to operators, it is significant that GFG has become one of the largest players in mobile payments in emerging markets having established relationships with Mobile network operators ( MNO) including 3 of top 30 Global MNO operators over 130 million consumers able to access GFG's payment solutions.

In 2009 during an environment where some organisations were pulling back on investment GFG chose to strategically invest and continue to innovate its core product offerings. An example was the roll out of new product releases based on Java for GFG's two payment platforms - Simfonie for mobile payments solution and Cadencie for card management solutions.

The total investment in GFG's IP exceeds US$60 million and has required a balance of astute technology combination, practical design and effective use of investment dollars. Investment has been contained through disciplined focus balanced with business needs

"GFG is uniquely positioned and structured to take advantage in the markets its operates and with the support of our current shareholders will remain debt free, profitable and well placed to deliver in 2010 based on the stellar performance in 2009"

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