SimCorp unveils front office suite

Source: SimCorp

As a result of the increased focus by top investment executives towards mitigating risk and increasing efficiency in the front office, SimCorp introduces today a new front office suite, featuring fully integrated and scalable applications for portfolio managers, compliance managers and traders.

Over the past six months, the company dedicated more than 100,000 man-hours into building the functionality introduced in version 4.7 of SimCorp's enterprise solution, SimCorp Dimension. The release also includes a range of new enhancements for middle-and-back-office processes, which provide support for SimCorp Dimension users who continuously aim to mitigate risk, reduce cost and prepare for growth.

Among other new functionality in this semi-annual release, SimCorp introduces three new 'managers' in the front office area:

  • The Asset Manager, a central position analysis and decision support platform;
  • The Compliance Manager; featuring tools for the handling of increasingly complex client mandates;
  • The Order Manager, enabling investment management organizations to quickly adapt to market requirements.

In addition, SimCorp Dimension users can benefit from:

  • A new module for managing the post-trade risk compliance process;
  • The Fund Administration Manager, enabling users to manage the fund administration process in one screen, thus reducing operational cost and risk;
  • The Netting Monitor, which automates the netting process;
  • A fully integrated solution for the commercial lending process;
  • Ability to archive large amounts of data efficiently.

Increase speed of IT implementation and change management with SimCorp Services

While investment managers focus greater attention on mitigating operational risk, finding long-term cost savings and positioning themselves for sustainable future growth, SimCorp has launched a series of new service offerings to supplement traditional implementation and educational services.

Individually, or in combination, SimCorp Services allow clients to free up resources so that they can focus on their core business, thus increasing their competitive advantage. In particular, the new "problem and incident management service", will provide an additional layer of support for SimCorp Dimension clients.

Driven by customer insight, SimCorp Services is designed to help SimCorp Dimension client's position themselves for future growth.

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