USAA launches mobile logon security software

Source: USAA

USAA, a leading financial services provider for members of the military community and their families, is giving its mobile users faster, more secure mobile logon access to their banking, insurance and investment accounts through its new quick logon and authentication security software.

USAA has teamed up with Mountain View, Calif.-based VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRSN) to simplify account access for USAA members while strengthening the logon security for its popular USAA Mobile App.

Now, instead of a three-step process of username, password and PIN, USAA members can access their accounts through a secure four-digit PIN, making the mobile logon experience simpler and safer.

Qualified USAA members can download the updated application with quick logon at the Apple® iTunes store or just update their current USAA Mobile App. The quick logon service is expected to be available in April for Android® phones. BlackBerry® users can expect the enhanced USAA Mobile App soon thereafter.

"We're committed to providing products and services that make our members' lives easier," said Wayne Peacock, USAA's executive vice president of Member Experience. "With quick logon, all you need is a PIN and you're in - it's fast and simple. USAA and VeriSign developed this product to provide members easy access along with the security our members expect from USAA."

Almost 1.3 million of USAA's 7.4 million members - nearly 17 percent - access USAA's mobile platforms to conduct financial transactions.

The USAA Mobile App is fortified with VeriSign Identity Protection Service (VIP), the leading cloud-based authentication service, which enables both easy and secure online access. The added protection of VIP is simple and effective because a strong authentication credential is embedded in the mobile application that enables USAA to seamlessly identify trusted mobile devices.

In combination with this VIP credential, users can simply enter their PIN, thus achieving stronger two-factor authentication (PIN and known device) to access their USAA accounts. From the user's standpoint, mobile access is made simpler, while VeriSign's embedded VIP security reduces risk against fraud.

"VeriSign is excited to be working with USAA in enhancing its leadership as a mobile banking and financial services pioneer," said Kerry Loftus, vice president of User Authentication at VeriSign. "With VIP, USAA is streamlining a secure and simple mobile experience to further bolster its members' exceptional mobile experiences."

"Our members - the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces - do all of us a great service by defending our country and protecting our freedoms," added Peacock. "They use advanced technology every day as part of their jobs. We owe it to them to provide the most innovative products to help our military members when they are doing business with USAA."

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