SecureVest and Aim-To team on mini-prime broker

Source: SecureVest Financial Group

SecureVest Financial Group, a full‐service broker‐dealer, and Aim-To, a leading software provider for investment funds, today announced a strategic alliance through which SecureVest will launch a new Mini‐Prime Brokerage business on March 1, 2010.

The venture, referred to as Alpha PB, will provide a front end execution, OMS and risk‐management platform which will interface directly with SecureVest's routing and execution portals and provide access to its Prime Broker products and services designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of private investment funds and family offices.

"Private investment funds, high net worth individuals and separately managed accounts need a seamless way to integrate self directed trading activities with the disciplined investment practices of their wealth managers and private bankers," said John T. Vaughan, President of AIM‐TO. "By leveraging AIM‐TO's technology platform with SecureVest's broker‐dealer expertise, we are able to provide our clients with a premium service at a lower cost."

Alpha PB will target small to mid‐size Private Investment Funds Family Offices and separately managed accounts looking to become more pro‐active in the construction, maintenance and risk management of their portfolios, including managing segments of their portfolio directly.
"There is a need for our clients to have access to the best risk and portfolio management tools," Mr. August Cellitti, CEO of SecureVest, said. "This alliance enhances our broker/dealer services to include access to a technology platform that will be providing key intra‐day risk, portfolio and operational management tools to complement our expert client service."
Stephen Casner, CEO of AIM‐TO said, "After the events of 2009, every investment manager is looking to diversify their counter‐party risk. The challenge is how the investment manager can afford to monitor all of the disaggregated information from these counter parties without affecting profit margins. Alpha PB will be the first introducing prime broker technology provider to leverage AIM‐TO's multi‐prime broker technology to allow a manager to achieve the benefits of diversification without sacrificing on price or service".

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