DeviceFidelity updates In2Pay microSD mobile contactless offering

Source: DeviceFidelity

DeviceFidelity, a leading provider of contactless microSD solutions for mobile phones, today announced the availability of its In2Pay microSD v2 for trials in the second quarter of this year.

In2Pay v2 adds support for EMV® compliant payment applications and is MIFARETM1 technology ready, enabling a wide variety of payment, transit and access control applications to be deployed using the common product platform. Compliant with Global Platform specifications and Javacard standards, In2Pay microSD v2 offers an open flexible architecture that provides issuers and wireless carriers the ability to manage their applications over-the-air and serve customers around the world. DeviceFidelity recently demonstrated this new version of its In2Pay technology at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The In2Pay microSD v2 is Trusted Service Manager (TSM) ready, allowing TSM client software on mobile devices to interact with the In2Pay Secure Element through a new Java based Application Programming Interface (In2Pay API). The patented TSM ready architecture of the In2Pay v2 allows TSM providers to support the In2Pay solution without modifying the TSM server designed for embedded or SIM based NFC solutions. DeviceFidelity has begun licensing the In2Pay API to TSM client software and mobile wallet software developers.

The In2Pay solution transforms any mobile phone with a microSD memory slot into a mobile contactless transaction device, offering a full-featured user interface that supports multiple mobile operating systems. With In2Pay v2, DeviceFidelity builds on the plug-and-play features of previous versions to meet the growing market demand for a mobile contactless solution that can interact with wallet solutions of established TSM vendors and can be issued through multiple delivery channels. In addition, with its open flexible architecture, as well as its Secure Element with integrated antenna, In2Pay v2 makes it easier for third party developers to create new value-added applications for mobile devices, such as couponing, loyalty programs, dynamic security, one-time password, virtual credit card numbers, and two-factor authentication. In2Pay supports a variety of devices irrespective of the location of the slot including models where the slot is under the battery cover and is also very easy to use; consumers simply hold their phones enabled with In2Pay flat and parallel to the merchant terminal, just like they hold their contactless plastic cards today, to make a payment. In2Pay also includes a patent pending anti-sniffing feature that disables the integrated antenna when the product is not in use to avoid unintended contactless transmission.

"We've seen an amazing response to our In2Pay solution from the NFC ecosystem players who have been waiting for a long time to be able to bring mobile contactless services to the mass market," said Deepak Jain, President and CEO of DeviceFidelity. "By adding new features and opening the platform to developers, we are delivering on our promise of taking mobile contactless to a larger number of devices and consumers around the globe."

"We are excited to be one the first companies to license the In2Pay API," said Nagesh Challa, CEO of Ecrio Inc. "We can now effectively make use of a large number of contactless enabled mobile devices for our applications."

"Monitise is delighted to add the payments capabilities delivered via the DeviceFidelity technologies to be made available to our growing list of Mobile Money financial institutions, to move us toward true, mobile-initiated payments," said Lisa Stanton, Head of Global Alliances for Monitise.


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