Ancerno launches Web-enabled version of pre-trade analytical product

Source: Ancerno

In a move to provide customers with faster delivery and easier access, Ancerno (formerly a unit of Abel/Noser Corp.) a leading provider of Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) products and services, announced that it has launched a web-enabled version of its pre-trade analytical product, Trade Compass.

The tool provides customers with a comprehensive solution for estimating transaction costs, planning trading strategy, and assessing execution risk.

Ancerno maintains an industry leading database - or "universe" - of over $7.5 trillion in annual principal traded by over 500 global clients. This universe enables Ancerno to generate a wide variety of accurate stock level benchmarks and pre-trade cost estimates based on historical trading results. Trade Compass draws on this universe to calculate "experience benchmarks". Reports are fully customizable and exportable to MS Excel®.

Ancerno President, James Noser, said, "we feel Trade Compass offers our customers greater accuracy and flexibility for pre-trade analysis It lets customers use our experience benchmarks or other industry standard estimates and even to compare them side by side. This combination works extremely well as trading options increase and execution strategies become more complex".

The first of Ancerno's products to be deployed to the web, Trade Compass represents a strategic decision by the firm to enhance technology and deliver its full line of TCA products and services over the internet by early 2010. Web enablement will enable Ancerno to reach customers through more delivery channels, integrate more easily with distribution partners, and give Ancerno the flexibility to service customers more efficiently. The company is also making a significant investment in its infrastructure to provide a powerful, scalable technology solution for its customers.


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